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One simple way to encourage authenticity in the workplace

We all have preconceived stereotypes about what it means to be in a specific role. Be an artist, a mom, nurse, a musician, or a leader, and we often try to stay away from our authentic selves because we are afraid that we don’t fit the norm. However, the greatest results are always come from authenticity.

It’s easy in our careers to become defined by our job titles and the labels that others have given us. When we let labels define us, we unconsciously limit ourselves by trying to fitting into everyone else’s idea of our role. But, before anybody else can define who we are, we must define ourselves every day.

Many organizations encourage people to bring their authentic selves to work in order to foster proactivity and innovation. And anyway, a good company needs genuine individuals who are ready to point out problems and contribute necessary changes, not just team members who always agree with you.

True leaders don’t simply offer a model of authenticity for others; they also challenge themselves to show all aspects of their personalities. Leaders can then encourage others to be bold as well.

We need to keep in mind that leadership can show up anywhere and everywhere. We tend to think of leadership as something that happens in the workplace, but the reality is that true leaders show up at work, at home, in the supermarket, wherever they’re called for.  By uncovering who we are at home as well as in the workplace, we can push boundaries around what inclusion actually means.

One simple way to encourage authenticity in the workplace

One of the simplest ways to show employees that they are valued and wanted in your organization is by listening to them properly. Listening does not just mean making room for them to speak; it also requires listening to them with a desire to learn and uncover the greatest ideas possible.

If you tell your employees that you want them to bring their whole self to work rather than just copying you, you must guarantee that they are listened to and not ignored when they do so.

It is important to consider how you create the environment, how you listen, and how you show up so that people can find their voice. If your colleagues choose to stand out regardless of the circumstances, they should be allowed to be unapologetically themselves.

Leaders who learn to practice active listening show to their employees that they are open, will build trust, which is the most important aspect of leadership.

What Does It Mean to You to Bring Your Authentic Self to Work? leave your comment below. thanks!

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