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How To Ask For Help Effectively

Asking for help is so hard for me. I shared it with my therapist last week and he encouraged me to practice it until our next appointment. In fact, over the next three weeks, my assignment is to ask for help. Asking for help makes me feel uncomfortable, mostly because I’m afraid of being rejected.…

Celebrate the Positive Aspects of Your Failure

When we make a mistake in our creative work, we tend to hide it from others or even from ourselves. Overall, people see failure as an unpleasant experience. But isn’t it true that failure is all about the human mindset and thought patterns? What if we gave our team a new definition of failure? Failure…

Don’t let a colleague steal your time!

Why do we say yes to so many meetings when not all of them are useful? How many of you have been at a meeting and then returned to your desk wishing you had those hours back? Do you have any idea how many hours of mindless time-wasting take place in the meeting room? You’re…

I think about Parkinson’s law every time I have a deadline.

Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s law? Every time I have a deadline, I think about it. It’s one of the thousands of time management tools that are supposed to help us get more done in less time and increase our productivity. In other words, Parkinson’s law says that work expands to fill the available time.…


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